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Bans and Regulations

Practice of banning online casinos has proven to be ineffective in a number of countries where illegal online gambling is thriving. Despite the fact that the banning policy is ineffective, countries don’t want to admit the defeat and abandon bans.

The USA have made one of the first attempts to create gambling regulations, however, the controversial system didn’t prove to be a success.

Russia was the next country on the list who considered the issue, but the major concern for the government was the well developed land gambling industry rather than online. The land venues were pushed out of the cities, thus causing the appearance of an underground land market complimented by unregulated internet gambling.

Now, Australia and China are trying some blocks that are not working either. Ineffective monopolies can also be found in some European countries. However, the solution is clear: site regulation and licensing.


To remove illegal online gambling should taken site regulation and licensing programmed.Then it will be best online casino remove programmed.


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