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Fight like a Butterfly and Sting like a WSOP

Three-time world champion boxers Jeff Fenech have made it to day 3 in the $10,000 main event at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. Jeff has outlasted 888poker team-mate and fellow Aussie Shane Warne, as well as the 2005 World Champion, Joe Hachem.

Fight like a Butterfly and Sting like a WSOPJeff Fenech completed day 2 in the main event on 66,000 chips with his game play matching with the aim of a boxer - his aggression on the table seem to have paid off and gave the spectators a good show. Jeff Fenech comment, "I knocked two people out yesterday, and they didn't obtain a mark on them!" His final position on day 2 put him at 659 out of the 1296 players who played that day.

888 poker team mate Shane Warne bust out of the most important event on day 2. He has KQ, the flops come K, 2, 5, and all the chips go in against an unidentified opponent. His opponents have two Aces. The turn and river be no help for Shane, and he was eliminating from the tournament.

Team 888 poker are responsibility well, including VIP Player Patrick Dekoster create it to position 49 on day 2a by means of a stack of 197,900, and so far are sending more than 10 players through to day three, as well as 888poker ambassador and Irish champion, Padraig Parkinson.

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