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In Florida Poker Player Robbed, Chases Down Robbers

A man robbed of his Hard Rock poker winnings didn't allow the matter go lightly.

Thomas Gigliotti, a retiree from Plantation, Fla., play hold’em for several hours at the Seminole Hard Rock casino in Hollywood last Friday night and come out a $4,000 winner. But after he had a chance to spend a coin of that money, he and his wife were robbed of their prize.

In Florida Poker Player Robbed, Chases Down RobbersTwo men follow the Gigliottis from the Hard Rock back to their home in Plantation and battered them before they could even get inside the house and the men, who were armed and masked, pulled the 74 years old Gigliotti from his car, threw him to the ground, and took his money.

Angered by the assault, Gigliotti sent his spouse inside to call police and took off in his SUV to chase down the assailant. For 20 minutes the retiree tail the crooks, ramming their vehicle multiple times in an try to force them off the road at the same time as driving at 60 miles per hour - a move about he says he saw on the television show “COPS".

His efforts were finally successful in running the bandit off the road, but they fled their car on foot before he could attain them. That’s most likely a good thing, since he told the Sun-Sentinel that he was without arms and didn’t have a plan to get his money back.

Police go on with to investigate the robbery, which occurred just days after new law in Florida went into effect remove restrictions on poker play.

Despite Gigliotti’s experience, the Hard Rock needs people to know that it’s secure to play there. The casino has more than 700 surveillance cameras on its belongings, and casino security and Seminole police frequently patrol the grounds. “Literally, you can't move about in that place without being videotape. “Casinos are the mainly camera-intensive facilities that exist and we want people to know that” .

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