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Technology Gets More Accurate

It is not a secret that Google has been banning internet gambling ads for years. Recently, the company has changed their policies, and in accordance with them, now, online gambling advertising is allowed on an exclusive, limited only to verified 18 and up users section of YouTube.

Naturally, there are lots of critics of that entrance into the online gambling advertising industry, but Google do their best to assure everyone that the age verification software is good enough not to allow underage viewers and makes advertising strategy for internet gambling companies more targeted.


Though there's lot of critics out over the internet, gambling advertising industry are not sitting idle at their home rather they are struggling some way out to gain large number of Gambling traffic through internet. Yes,,It's Google's responsibility to ensure the highest transparency and regulating usability content over the net.


I think it is good for Gambling advertising company that now Google is accepting Ads after age verification. So Gambling can be popular in the people more.


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