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Winners of the World Series Poker

Jerry Yang 2010 WSOP Odds: Winner of the 2007 World Series of Poker Main Event, Jerry Yang is back with +22500 odds of winning the again. has post making bet odds to win the 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event.

Jerry Yang was born in Laos and escaped to a Thailand refugee camp in the 1970’s. His family was at the refugee go camping for four years. His brother and sister both died while at the camp. He later on moved to California where he currently resides.

Winners of the World Series PokerJerry holds a master degree in health psychology. Before his profession in poker, Jerry Yang worked at a social worker and psychiatrist. Jerry Yang begins his poker profession in 2007 when he entered the WSOP and won. In 2009, the majority of Jerry Yang live tournament winnings, $8,263,393, have come from his win at the 2007 main event.

Jerry Yang in extremely generous with his poker winnings and he donated 10% of all his winnings to several charity including The Ronald McDonald House and Make a Wish Foundation.

The seven week 2010 World Series of Poker occasion is being held at the Rio in Las Vegas. The event is release to the public so you can cheer on and support Jerry Yang or any of your other favorite poker stars.

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